What is Truly Reclaimed?

The Truly Reclaimed label verifies that a product or batch of material is genuinely reclaimed. The campaign informs people about the historical, social and eco-benefits of real reuse.

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BCA Matériaux Anciens

Watch your positive environmental impact climb

Old railway carriages to Cambridge University

One unforgettable project here in the UK is 6a architects’ addition to the beautifully Brutalist Churchill College at the University of Cambridge. 

Cowan Court, the new halls of residence by 6a architects evokes the tone of the existing 60s brick-built buildings on the campus with old oak boards in their natural untreated state. BCA supplied 120 year old reclaimed timber from old railway carriage floors to clad Cowan Court. 

Photo: Johan Dehlin


The reclaimed railway oak cladding reused at Cowan Court saved 47tCO2e by avoiding carbon emissions and storing biogenic carbon

A few everyday things equivalent to 47tCO2e:

20 round-trip flights

from New York to London

18.5 cars

annual emissions

3 households'

Average annual carbon footprint

Reclaimed wood, such as oak, can sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide when reused, as it prevents the need for new timber production, which involves the release of stored carbon during decay or combustion. The estimated amount of biogenic carbon saved when 1 ton of reclaimed oak wood is reused is equivalent to between 1 and 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

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BCA Matériaux Anciens

As BCA Matériaux Anciens recognises, France is famous for many things, from haute couture fashion to gastronomy and fine wines, and also right up there is France’s fine antique materials and architectural salvage. Influenced by its roots in the demolition industry, since 1995 BCA has sourced, and rescued antique materials for reuse. 

BCA is about authenticity and character. Assisting architects, designers and private clients worldwide on projects ranging from historic homes and gardens to contemporary modern architecture and landscapes.

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The Salvo Code

Truly Reclaimed is sister to the Salvo Code, a peer-reviewed community of businesses dealing in architectural salvage and reclaimed building material that meet high standards in responsible sourcing. Founded in 1995, the Code is a world-leading reclamation assurance scheme, look for the crane logo – an ancient symbol of vigilance – the sign of Salvo members.