What is Truly Reclaimed?

The new Truly Reclaimed label verifies that a product or batch of material is genuinely reclaimed. The campaign helps you distinguish Truly Reclaimed from new products that are made to resemble the old, highlighting the environmental benefit of choosing materials that really are reclaimed for reuse.

Reuse products with a past and reduce your carbon footprint

Truly Reclaimed delivers true circularity by maximising resources and embodied carbon in the reuse of materials at their highest value, with minimum downcycling and waste.

29 million

reclaimed brick stocks in north-west Europe

310,000t CO2e

saved by north-west Europe salvage trade

1 in 3

people in north-west Europe are eco-friendly

Truly Reclaimed label in a salvage showroom

Reclaimed is a brand worth protecting

The Truly Reclaimed label shines a light on real reuse and supports reclamation, an industry that is helping to combat climate change by reducing the need for new construction products, lessening the CO2 emitted during production and depletion of natural resources.

The story behind the material

Where possible Truly Reclaimed will provide the provenance of a product or material. Detailing a chain of custody from where it started life to the transformations it has undertaken. Often such stories are lost with the exchange of owner. Now curious customers can discover the impact of reuse and the past lives of materials.

QR code can reveal stories behind the material

You can make a difference by choosing Truly Reclaimed

Watch your positive environmental impact climb

Truly Reclaimed floors and wall cladding reused in a small restaurant can save the embodied energy of more than 1000 bottles of wine.

Truly Reclaimed wood floors fitted into one room of an average house saves the carbon emissions of more than 50 nights in a low carbon hotel.

A shop with a floor area of around 50m2 with Truly Reclaimed wood shelving will save the embodied CO2e of more than 300 pairs of jeans.  

The Salvo Code

Truly Reclaimed is sister to the Salvo Code, a peer-reviewed community of businesses dealing in architectural salvage and reclaimed building material that meet high standards in responsible sourcing. Founded in 1995, the Code is a world-leading reclamation assurance scheme, look for the crane logo – an ancient symbol of vigilance – the sign of Salvo members.