Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991.

The emergence of “the reclaimed look” as a design trend has driven faked alternatives. Reproduction of antiques is nothing new, but since the mid-2000s reuse started to be recognised as an aesthetic rather than an ethos and popularity led to cheaper faked alternatives.

Marketed by modern manufacturers with product descriptions like heritage, olde, antique and even reclaimed. Beyond misleading people with pretend eco-friendliness, the issue is the environmental cost, not simply of the new, but the additional cost of making the new look antique and reclaimed.

The Truly Reclaimed label has grown from Salvo’s experience regulating and administering the Salvo Code, a world-leading reclamation assurance in responsible sourcing since 1995. As well as a label for stockholding suppliers, Truly Reclaimed can also be used to verify reclamation and projects that contain same-site or site-2-site reuse. 

The campaign for real reuse aims to encourage more business for sustainable companies and to grow awareness of the vast amount of reclamation and reuse which is unrecorded and therefore goes unnoticed.

Wellbeing is top of mind, not only for ourselves but for the planet. By buying from a growing list of Truly Reclaimed suppliers, you can be sure that you are reusing products with a past. 

Here’s how the label could work for yours truly

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Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat since 1991. 

Salvo is the destination for reuse with the original architectural salvage marketplace, From DIYers to designers, architects and builders, Salvo helps match something reclaimed or recrafted with someone who wants to reuse it.