How to be Truly Reclaimed

Truly Reclaimed certification is open to members of the Salvo Code, a peer-reviewed community of businesses that meet high standards in responsible sourcing.  The Salvo Code applies to a business. Truly Reclaimed applies to an item.  

Truly Reclaimed is designed to support business and be easy for you to carry out. Once verified, you can warrant that antique, reclaimed or salvaged material is genuinely reclaimed. This can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your unique QR code is created with a link to a Truly Reclaimed web page that showcases your business.

Optional add-on…

Salvo will calculate the carbon benefit of reuse for specific items or batches of material. If the provenance can be made public then you can also share the story of the reclamation.

The label and the QR code is printed and fixed discreetly or engraved directly onto the reclaimed material, or on a surface nearby so that the story can be discovered in your showroom or in situ in a commercial space.

Your clients may use the label to show that they support the reuse of Truly Reclaimed in shops, hospitality spaces and outdoor areas. 

You and your clients can choose to be added to a digital map of destinations that promote eco-conscious design to attract new visitors.

Your client gains more customers. You make more sales. And the planet wins because it can absorb more CO2 and reduce climate change.

Join the campaign for real reuse

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