What is Truly Reclaimed?

The Truly Reclaimed label verifies that a product or batch of material is genuinely reclaimed. The campaign informs people about the historical, social and eco-benefits of real reuse.

You can make a difference by choosing Truly Reclaimed products from
The Architectural Forum

Truly Reclaimed Marble

Watch your positive environmental impact climb

Real recraft

With an emphasis on refurbishing and restoring, The Architectural Forum preserves the valuable skills of yesteryear, by giving antique items a second life and a chance to be appreciated by future generations. Refined recrafted items range from marble fireplaces to statement tables and mirrors created from Victorian windows. 


Truly Reclaimed & Recrafted


Look out for Truly Reclaimed labels in shops, hospitality spaces and destinations that have joined the growing movement of environmentally driven design. 

The mahogany, supplied by The Architectural Forum, was salvaged from a gymnasium floor and reused at Hawksmoor Wood Wharf. The Truly Reclaimed wood reception desk alone saved carbon emissions equivalent to the making of 25,000 standard plastic carrier bags.


Architectural Forum

Vast collections of reclaimed architectural wares and fine period pieces with incredible provenance come with elegance and edge – reflecting the discerning taste of founders Jason and Nadine Davies.

Established for over 30 years, The Architectural Forum is a prime resource for architectural antiques and has been involved in some of the largest salvage jobs, including the rescue of architectural pieces from the Baltic Exchange, which is now home to the Gherkin.

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